A Friend and a Hero

On this Veterans Day I'd like to honor a friend of mine who I often think of as a big brother. More than that, this person is somewhat of a hero to me as he has had a remarkable career as an Air Force Photojournalist and member of Combat Camera. I did not know Scott outside of the squadron when we served together but over the years,  I have gotten to know the strong father he is to a wonderful family. The fact that he and his family permanently relocated to Germany merely makes me jealous.

Scott was recently featured by the Air Force Public Affairs Agency. From the article:

“With the Cold War still in full swing, I naively imagined that I would soon be operating powerful camera systems while flying high above Russia in the SR-71,” he said. After graduating technical school, Wagers found out he would not be behind the camera taking imagery, but on the ground developing film from SR-71s and satellites.

Scott, thanks for your service and most of all, being a good friend.

 Scott Wagers on 'Deployment' to Pismo Beach (photo credit: Mark Borosch)

Scott Wagers on 'Deployment' to Pismo Beach (photo credit: Mark Borosch)