Sabre Red Graphical View

User Experience is the key differentiator in every single business these days. Here we have a major release for not only the company I work for but for the entire Travel Industry. Graphical View is an enormous leap forward for travel agents around the globe. Tens upon tens of thousands of users. All using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) with 20% less time on task and 30% reduction in keystrokes in booking travel.

There is much credit to go around. So much UX expertise from Dominique, Kevin, and myself poured into an extraordinary desktop offering in very little time. We designed literally hundreds of screens. So, how did we do so much in so little time? Keynote Kung-Fu. After using KKF for a few web projects, I created our own custom stencil set that enabled myself and a few others to keep up with a technology team that roughly outnumbered us more than 10:1. The stencil set made it possible to generate many iterations quickly and annotate them with the desired behaviors too. Fast and deadly. Like a five finger death punch to the competition.

Additional Notes: Although it has officially changed its name to Wireframe Toolkit, it will always be Keynote Kung Fu to me. If you want to learn more details about the 11-month journey of Graphical View from concept to completion, I highly suggest you watch this.