Nate Mendel's Bass Tone

After checking my server logs, it is apparent that many folks out there are hitting my site looking for clues to Nate Mendel's (Foo Fighters' Bassist) tone.

If dear reader, that includes you, you are in luck. The magic formula is very simple: 

The list above will get you in the sonic ballpark. Preferably, in seats right behind third base with tickets that have say, "Unlimited Food and Drink" on them. But I digest. Seriously, if you don't play through Ashdown BTA-400 heads and 8x10 cabinets, substitute any bass rig that can move serious bottom. Watch out for  the 15" speakers though. As cool as they are, they might be too slow and flabby for the speed at which Nate has to drive the FF bus.

It is my understanding through hours of painstaking research (and by that I mean reading two entire articles in Bass Player Magazine about the guy) that Nate only uses the pedal on certain songs when he wants more grit and warmth to his bass. In other words, use sparingly. 

If you really want the secret recipe sans my crappy jokes, click here.