Virgin Chrome App = Emerging Trend

Virgin America released their Chrome Web Store App today and it is pretty obvious where the trend in web/mobile/apps is headed. Look for a large shift away from traditional compiled and distributed (via iTunes Store) offerings to be replaced by HTML5-driven sites that have all the responsiveness and behavior of installed applications. 


Virgin America Chrome Web Store App

Taking Cues From Mobile

Another revealing clue about this emerging trend is the style of navigation constructs -- large text and iconography and easy-to-acquire clickable areas that lend themselves to mobile and tablet devices.


Large, easy to click navigation

And Then There is Amazon

Last and certainly not least, this trend makes it easy for apps to get around the fascistic bottleneck that currently passes for being accepted into an Apple iTunes Store. Additionally, Amazon has just launched its Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader. According to Information Week:

Apple in February forbade iOS app publishers from selling content like ebooks or subscriptions through mechanisms other than Apple's in-app purchase system unless they also offered that same content through Apple at a price that's the same or lower. Because Apple takes a 30% cut of sales made through its in-app purchasing system, as it does for App Store downloads, some publishers found their business models no longer worked with Apple as a gatekeeper. Particularly for Amazon, which competes with Apple to sell ebooks, this arrangement was not tenable.


Kindle Cloud Reader skirts Apple's in-app purchase policy