Stylish Guitar Case

Julee surprised me with a MONO Case M80 Bass Guitar case for Christmas. MONO Case is a company that  truly understands design. And I'm not talking about just the great design aesthetic that their cases and accessories already display. They use design to solve problems — by reducing snapped headstocks strategically placed foam padding and dispersing energy away from the guitar when the case is dropped. Take the time to check out the pedigree on MONO's fine designs. Company founder Daniel Kushner is a drummer and IDEO alum.

Some may look at the price and think it is pretty steep for a soft-sided case. These are hybrid cases. They offer nearly the same protection as a hard-shell case are but are extremely light and offer many nice touches for musicians on the move. Guitar Player Magazine said it best:  "Damn, MONO cases are friggin' cool! With a NASA-meets-REI aesthetic, they also ride the line between a hard case and a gig bag."

They look like they could take a lot of road abuse. Time will tell. But I'll be sporting some style in the mean time.


M80 Bass Guitar Case by MONO Case


Pampered Fender American Standard Precision Bass