Alesis DM8 Pro

It can be hard these days for a band to rehearse given noise ordinances, sensitive neighbors, or even the tissue paper thin walls in the average American apartment. That is why I have convinced my band to take the plunge and rehearse silently. Part of the equation of rehearsing silently, is taming acoustic drums which can really be tough to do. A bass drum is built to be heard at a distance. Just the laws of physics at work.

And nothing tames the sound of drums quite like going electronic. It is still too early to write a definitive review of my new Alesis DM8 Pro Kit but I will be making updates to how the whole silent rehearsal thing is going.

So far, so good. The kit is a lot of fun, has less of the annoying things that many electronic drum kits suffer from and yet still suffers from a few bummers. Like the hi-hat. It is very hard to mimic a real hi-hat. But this one is still very functional. I also wish both cymbals were 3-zone (edge, bow, and bell) instead of just the ride. But they are both choke able, so that is a good thing. Here is a good run down of features and and a sense of sound quality from the sound module. The second video below is a little more thorough.

Set up was not very difficult at all. Especially with all the help I received as seen below.


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