Setlist HD for iPad

Setlist HD for iPad fills a pretty cool need - onstage display of setlists and lyrics. If you don't know, a setlist is usually a dirty sheet of paper with song names hastily written out with a mostly dried-out Sharpie. Said sheet of paper is then taped near a performer's floor pedals until it is rendered unreadable by the effects of spilled beer.

In addition to the gorgeous and highly visible Helvetica display, the app can also show lyrics if you furnish them. Some might rag on a performer for using what is the equivalent of a poor man's TelePrompTer but let's see you sing all of REM's, It's the End of the World As We Know it (and I Feel Fine) from memory.

Currently, the price is free for a very useful app. Get it before they start charging for it. More screen shots can be seen here.

Man, backlit setlists. Technology finally pulls its weight.

Setlist HD for iPad Setlist HD for iPad