Krups 468-42 Moka Brew 8-Cup Coffeemaker

Coffee. We all need it. Some of us more than others. After nearly six years of faithful service, it was time to retire our Krups drip coffee maker. And by retire, I mean cram it into a landfill. Let the record show that I am making the dusting my hands off gesture that means problem solved.

A friend of ours (big time coffee snob) was purchasing the Krups Moka Brew and after reading the glowing product reviews, I decided it simply must be the next coffee maker in our kitchen. And via the magic that is Amazon Prime, the Moka Brew was in our kitchen and making coffee an insane 15 hours later from the moment I pressed the buy button!

The verdict? The coffee is fantastic. It is very much like a French Press or even closer, a traditional Moka Pot. In fact, the coffee is made by steam pressure in the very same way the Moka Pot does.

If you like your coffee thick, crema, espresso-style, then get this coffee maker.

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