Setlists for Next Week's Muse Concert

Below are the expected setlists for both Muse and opening act, Silversun Pickups at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I would like it more if both bands were playing more of their older songs but I am pretty happy with the selections made. I cannot wait to hear them play Unnatural Selection again.

1. Uprising
2. Resistance
3. New Born
4. Map of the Problematique
5. Supermassive Black Hole
6. Guiding Light
7. Interlude
8. Hysteria
9. Nishe
10. United States Of Eurasia
11. Feeling Good (Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley cover)
12. Helsinki Jam
13. Undisclosed Desires
14. Starlight
15. Plug In Baby
16. Time Is Running Out
17. Unnatural Selection
18. Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture
19. Stockholm Syndrom
20. Knights of Cydonia

Silversun Pickups
1. Growing Old Is Getting Old
2. Well Thought Out Twinkles
3. There's No Secrets This Year
4. The Royal We
5. Future Foe Scenarios
6. Substitution
7. Panic Switch
8. Lazy Eye