Lesson in Jasonese

The following words and phrases are often spoken by our 3-year old son. I never correct him because I am often laughing too hard. Here they are in no particular order:

Bix - To fix. "Dada, will you bix the window I just broke?"
Overt - The word "over" with a not so silent "t" as in, "This show is overt."
Mort - The word more "but" conjugated (?) the same as "over."
Soupcase - Luggage. "I am packing my soupcase for maycation."
Maycation - See Soupcase.
Exelator - No, it is not the new Ford SUV. An exelator is mechanical staircase.
Lellow - As in, the color lellow. I mean, yellow.
Thnum - A digit that resides next to one's fingers.
Blanna - A yellow-skinned fruit often enjoyed by monkeys. As in our kids.
Warm hot chocolate - Hot chocolate with a built-in serving suggestion.
A Sheen - Not Martin or Charlie. A new way to say machine.
Night Night Planets - Any depiction of Star Wars in print, especially on t-shirts.
Spanilla - A new variant of the Vanilla Planifolia plant or extract.
Ober Der - Over there. Spoken like an immigrant processing through Ellis Island.
Hide and Sink - A child's game that is reportedly a lot less fun than "hide and seek."
Romote and the Troll - A device to control televisions, DVD players, CD players, etc.

Don't bother telling me to contact Rosetta Stone to create the language course on CD. They won't take my calls any more.