Back Bench Food Products

Economy got you down? This recession depression can't last forever but in the meantime, head on over to Big Lots! for some cheap and um, interesting foodstuffs.

If beef jerky is taking up too much of your monthly budget, why not give ham jerky a try? And don't get worked up if the pork isn't cooked thoroughly. It couldn't be any more dangerous than peanut butter these days.
Ham Jerky The breath freshening power of ham

You know, I was just asking myself the other day, if the Unabomber was still on the loose, what would he drink when thirsty? The answer is Bomba -- the fruity flavored energy drink bottled in a glass grenade. As some of you know, I have a real weak spot (in my heart and arteries) for energy drinks so I am happy to report that I actually bought a case of these stubby little weapons. The pull tab was just like pulling the pin on a real grenade (and I know this HOW?!?).

I didn't want to be wasteful but let's just say I sure was glad when I finished the last one. How would I describe the taste? Next time you are dying Easter eggs, be sure to pick up the cup of dye and drink it down in one big gulp. Did everything just taste blue for a second? It sure did.
Little grenades of energy Warning: May cause changes in the color of urine

If you are like me, you go out of your way to combine your favorite things in life to create super awesome new things. I have always wanted to pair my love for soup with the excitement of the circus. Thanks to the good people at Stauffer's, I can realize my dream. Just make sure you don't accidently get the ones with pink and white icing on them. That happened to me once. Worst. Clam Chowder. Ever.
Bread and Circus Bread and Circus

We have a problem with rabbits in our backyard and well, I don't want to be gross but the following cereal with the unfortunate name of Cocoa Drops, strikes a little too close to home. And what is up with that ridiculous tag line: Keep it simple! Pay only for taste. Sounds a little Engrish to me.
Not Cocoa Puffs Not Cocoa Puffs

This last item may be perfectly fine. But as for me, I just have a problem with all snacks with hot cheese. With the exception of a nice pepper jack, I just don't know of too many hot cheeses out in the wild. But hey, if hot cheesy popcorn is your thing, then who am I to judge.
Hot cheese. Not natural. Hot cheese. Not natural.