Recent iPhone Apps of Note

Having a lot of fun with the following iPhone apps. Most are free, so satisfy your inner cheapskate.

Gowalla - Not sure I am having fun with it as much as I am addicted to collecting stamps and pins (also, I am just trying to catch Jeremy without resorting to checking in to places I haven't actually visited). Here's a tip: If you want to be the founder of a lot of locations, go to places most people fear to be associated with such as shanty towns under overpasses, pr0n shops, head shops, and your local municipal jail. Same goes for FourSquare users. Tell the world you are Mayor of Cell-block D.

Thundergod - This pricey ($10) app is worth every penny. Recorded in 3D sound, it sounds like you are surrounded by thunderstorms. I use it to concentrate at work or sometimes fall asleep. Or sleep at work. Whatever works. Check out the free app by the same company called Naturespace. It is of the same quality. I guarantee you will love it especially if you like to close your eyes and imagine being abandoned somewhere in the country without the keys to the handcuffs you're wearing.

Dragon Dictation - Pretty amazing and free dictation software that can port your words to email or clipboard. I tried it in the car and was amazed at how well it captured, "You are an elf. You are how to work with us on an email to your sludge." I was able to email it to the office just in time to save the day. Thanks Dragon!

Wootwatch - Woot! found a niche in bringing limited quantities of merchandise nobody wanted the first time around. Using this app, you can be the envy of all your friends when you score that stunning Casio Calculator/Weather Forecaster watch in limited-edition gray PVC. Hurry! Download the app now, as quantities are limited!

Check back soon when I delve into the new trail map/stock ticker app for the skier needing to execute that important trade while mid-piste.