Kids Visit Daddy at Work, Film at 11

My wife had the day off from work and was shopping with the kids near my employer. Thinking our elevator-obsessed three year-old would enjoy multiple rides to multiple floors, she brought our little toddlers to $largecompany. A good time was had by all as our darling little cherubs explored daddy's workspace, known as The Hive. In an unsupervised quarter of a second, our son picked up a tiny bottle of whiteboard cleaner and sprayed himself directly in the eyes thinking it was a can of EVIAN Mineral Water Spray. Hilarity did not ensue.

Loud crying did. And like prairie dogs, many wearing headsets on conference calls popped up as I rushed our son to the break room to a makeshift eyewash station (paper towels and plastic cups).

Apparently burning eyes cannot compete for his attention like a row of vending machines as he stopped crying the moment all the buttons screamed at him, PRESS ME! Melt-down averted. All systems green again.

Come back kids and visit Daddy again real soon.