Late to a Special Birthday

When it rains it pours and this week was like a category 5 hurricane. Only five days into my trip to Europe, I was in Paris when I found out that I needed to get home right away, as I only had 15 hours until Julee's unexpected C-section. Thankfully, I had hardly unpacked and I spent nearly 90 minutes canceling my travel to Italy and booking new passage back to Dallas via London.

When I landed, I spent nearly 20 agonizing minutes going through customs and nearly the same waiting for my luggage. It was a good thing Julee's hospital was close to the airport. As they would say in London, I was nearly mad as a hatter in the backseat of that taxi.

Perspiring, out of breath and hauling way too much luggage, I burst into Julee's room and saw the tiniest, most precious baby I had ever seen. Little Jenna, all 5 pounds 11 ounces of her, was sleeping in her mother's arms. I had missed her arrival by six hours. At the time she was born on May 15, 12:18 PM, I was 32,000 feet above Montreal, pointing towards home, Needless to say, she has since spent a lot of time in my arms.

Always wanting to be held, she is a cuddly little thing. Skin as pink as sunburn and voice as squeaky as a door hinge. But we are now all together and Jason is on the the path of learning that he is now a big brother. I cannot wait until we can go home tomorrow.