Laserium Cyberdome Now Showing

Ok, not really, but the Laser Stars Light Show we bought for Jason's room is really cool. According to The Sharper Image's website it, "Brings the wonder of the night sky into your home!" This is true especially if your night sky is akin to the skies over Iraq during a stealth fighter attack. The laser is green, so the stars are green. It would be even better if the stars were white but there aren't any lasers that are white (which by definition, cannot be a laser). But the morphing blue/purple nebula thingie is pretty realistic.

Some of the stars move in a way that suggests a very real sense of depth. Like watching fish in an aquarium, it is pretty relaxing to lay on the floor and watch the green universe go by. I am trying to hack it so it displays the Zoso logo and plays Kashmir at 100 decibels.