Taos and Red River Skiing Trip

This is a very late post on a most surreal of skiing trips. It was really great seeing some old friends and meeting new ones (I dig your family, JR). Highlights included:

  • Smashing up my rental car by hitting a 1,200 pound elk

  • Skiing some pretty gnarly runs with only about 45 mins of sleep under my belt

  • Lots of insurance/police report paper work due to the rental car

  • Skiing at Taos, which apparently is a Native American word for 'heap big crazy ass steep mountain'

  • Getting down Spitfire, a double diamond monster that nearly ate one of my skis

  • Executing my first head-over-heels wipeout at the base of Spitfire

  • Hitting the deck so hard that I saw stars

Truly, it was awesome skiing, great company and insurance claims that will last long after the bruises fade. Good times. Check out the photos.