Enough With the Social Websites Already

In ancient Rome, there was poem. About a dog, who had two bones. He picked at one, he licked the other. He ran in circles, 'til he dropped dead.     Freedom of Choice - Devo

Seriously, I think I have hit my limit with social websites. I can no longer keep track of all of my accounts, nor do I want to. MySpace, CrowdVine, Vox, LinkedIn, Facebook, and several I joined and have forgotten. Even my company has its own social website called SabreTown. I would link to it but it is closed to the rest of the world unless you are lucky enough to work where I do.

 Rather than spend the rest of my life posting that little profile pic or entering my favorite movie in a text box, I should start the first 'anti-social' website. Yes, a giant profile aggregator that pulls all my online presences together into one single entity that becomes sentient and acts as my virtual bouncer.

  • No solicitors.

  • Stay off the grass.

  • No dogs allowed.

  • Go away.

  • Driver cannot make change. 

I can dream, can't I?