It's a What?

I bought a new bass called a MusicMan Bongo. Whenever I talk to fellow musicians about it at work they all ask, "It's a what?" It's a pretty forward leaning design (designed by BMW's Design USA) that most bass players either love or hate.

From Wikipedia:

The Bongo bass guitar was introduced on March 21, 2003 at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA by Music Man, a division of Ernie Ball. Ernie Ball president Sterling Ball designed the guitar in conjunction with the Music Man Research and Development department and BMW's Designworks team. It features a 4-band preamp designed by Dudley Gimpel with help from Cliff Hugo and other Music Man artists. It also features color coordination, a sleek, carved basswood body, and a 34" scale neck. These bass guitars are generally known for their dual humbucker pickup models, as they are the first dual humbucker pickup models released by Music Man since their Sabre.

Check out Stan Sargeant, the bass player from The Tonight Show Band demonstrating his lefty five-string limited edition Bongo Bass in the video below: