Final Post from 2822 Stokely Hill

As I sit here and type this last post, listening to Beck's Midnite Vultures, the movers (and shakers, apparently) are loading all of our worldly possessions onto an 18-wheeler. Julee and I will miss this house. We were deep into the details of its construction and design appointments. It has been a wonderful home for us. The next month will be insanely busy as a month of continuous transitions:
  • Staying a few more nights in a hotel here in San Antonio
  • Driving to Southlake with two terrified and sedated cats under the car seats
  • Checking into an extended stay hotel for a week
  • Vacationing for a week at Disneyland in sunny California
  • Returning to Southlake for two more weeks of hotel-dwelling fun
  • Moving into our new house -- all before Christmas.
May we have the strength to make it through it all.