Updates on the Whole Life Events Thing

Man, oh man, what a time this is. I started working at Travelocity more than a week ago and must say that I really like the gig. To work in a completely different industry with a completely different online retail model is such a blast. Especially, when you consider that the travel industry is just about as fun as it gets. Too bad that gnome guy keeps borrowing my iPod -- and he doesn't clean off the earbuds. Do you have any idea what lurks in the ears of a 300-year old gnome?

On the homefront, we are entering the final countdown. The final four. The final draft. The final cut studio. The final finalness of moving. The moving truck and the packers will soon be upon us. Let me just say that Julee and I are not match for the packers defense. But we'll manage. There is so much more to say about all this, but I have to go and meet several contractors today to do final furlong stuff to the house. Stay tuned for more.